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Do you have a broken Honda key?

I can repair your Honda key! The Honda keys with a built in remote are weak and break just below the remote. I can fix them! I can repair all Honda keys with a built in remote!

3 button +panic remote Honda key. They break!


If you go to your local Honda dealership, they will probably tell you that the only way to fix a broken key is to replace it. The key contains a remote and a small chip that your ignition switch "reads" to OK starting the car. It is an anti-theft device. The key itself costs $50 to $80. Then the immobilizer chip has to be be programmed to the car. Most dealerships charge one hour labor. So programming is $50 to $150. I would think the average for a replacement key is about $170. I can fix most Honda keys for $50 including return shipping!!

See the "Make Your Key Here!" page for details.
I do custom repairs, e-mail me about your problem!

If you have a broken key, watch this video:

If you are thinking about buying a blank and having it cut locally, watch this video:


Honda dealers and locksmiths watch these videos:

Tools and basics of working on Honda keys:

How and why to repair Honda keys:

Please e-mail me at FixMyKey@gmail.com if you have questions. The advice is free. Some sites charge for help, I don't. If my advice helps you and saves you money, it would be appreciated if you send $1 to $5 to FixMyKey@gmail.com through Pay Pal. Please don't misunderstand, I will not ask for payment for advice, and am glad to give it for free.

Why can't the dealership fix your key? Because American Honda doesn't supply the right kind of key blank. All of theirs (for the older models) include a new immobilizer chip that has to be programmed. I have found blanks without the immobilizer, made for a foreign market.

What keys can I fix?

2003-2015 Honda Accord with a remote head key.

2006-2015 Honda Civic with a remote head key.

2005-2015 Honda CR-V with a remote head key.
2007-2015 Fit with a remote head key.

2005-2015 Honda Odyssey with a remote head key.

2005-2015 Honda Pilot with a remote head key.

2006-2015 Honda Ridgeline with a remote head key.


The other models with built in remote have the immobilizer chip inside the remote, and should be able to be repaired economically at your Honda dealer.

To see what I need to make your key and the costs, go to the "Make your key here!" page.

I only repair keys using parts that I purchase from a Honda parts supplier. I will not use parts purchased from Amazon, eBay or the common suppliers of aftermarket keys. please see my FAQ page!  

I am sorry, I do not repair any Honda keys that were not made for the USA market. I do not ship outside of the United States.

These are the key styles I can repair.
These are the key types I can repair.

To see what I need to make your key and the costs, go to the "Make your key here!" page.

Questions? Contact me at FixMyKey@gmail.com

New battery installed in your remote!
Only $5 when added to your order!